Fortanium Advanced Materials Inc.

▲ Research and Development : experimental, applied and custom build

Materials of interest….vision of something tangible

Countermeaures (pro-life)
materials for ionising and non ionising radiation, solar radiation;
materials technology for radioactive containment or neutralization;
materials technology for microwave, EMF & 5G, environment remediation;
clothes and building materials, life support & revitalization

Industrial Enterprise
materials for casting applications, custom, limited and mass production;
automotive, marine, aerospace, space, rail, machinery;
equipment and tooling, hydraulic, components, machine tools;
plate, sheet, ignots, bulk acquisition, material creation or transformation;

Technology & Vehicle Applications
armoured materials, defence technology, logistics, kinetics;
extreme temperature, thermal shock, integrated and surface engineering;
Custom properties and performance characteristics;
signature reduction, stealth, thermal, acoustic, multi-physics;

Co-development, OEM, general, advanced and special projects
Metal/mineral matrix, polymers, poly alloys, geo-materials
specialized casting, production, processes, mixing
Alchemy - lab created materials, rare earth, minerals, classified and more
multi-physics, meta physics, multi-dimensional physics technology projects

Knowledge Base, Resource Base, Research and Production
Library resources, archives, learning centres for material technology
design engineering applied and experimental research and development
resource and production continuum, enterprise projects
university, college, institute, trade and technology centres, industry projects